FAMILY DILEMMA PART ONE (explicit content)

The spirit of marriage festivities soon faded as the evening came to a close. The ecstatic chatter in Derek's home faded alongside. Much to his delight. He couldn't wait to consummate this marriage he's spent a fortune on.

The anticipation made his cock nod momentarily, giving off a swell just below the zip of the Jean shorts he had on; showing off his thick dick cap in the process. He crossed his legs in a feeble attempt to derail the erogenous spasm. He was caught between watching the giant plasma television, hanging from the wall in front of him, and his newly wedded wife Sarah, drifting from the kitchen to the dinning table, trying to set up dinner. As she drifted back to the kitchen, he watched her onion like booty wiggle under the soft fabric she had on. Her boobs firmly pointed like the cockpit periphery of an aircraft. He slipped into hypnosis. His jaw went slack, before he drew his lower lip between his teeth. Unconsciously, he loosens his grip on the remote control, letting it fall to the floor.

The crashing sound of the remote control, yanked him back to consciousness as Sarah disappeared from view. Almost immediately, she returned with a small toothpick container, dropped it on the table and announced to him that; "dinner was ready"

Derek scratched his nose, and gently rose from the couch. Before he could stand erect, he remembered the swell on his shorts. He grabbed his cell phone, pretending to be making a call while he waited for his cock to come back to its senses, before moving over to the dinning table.

After dinner, they both retired to their bedroom. She freshened up, changed into her lingerie and jumped into his waiting arms in bed. She lays on his broad chest, stroking his beard. Soon he discovered that she had fallen asleep.
"She deserves a rest after such a hectic day. Better to have her by midnight, when we both have our strengths back" he thought to himself, as he chuckled just before he dozed off.

Will Derek get to fuck her brains out? Find out in the next episode next weekend. Your critique and advice will go a long in helping me carry on with this. Thanks for your anticipated support.

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