The lovers of entertainment or residence of Beehive and Beyond are expected  to march on to ROCK GARDENS at Rafin Zurfi to witness the most anticipated event of the year tagged BEEHIVE STREET DANCE COMPETITION , first of its kind set to diversify the entertainment hub in the hive, musical and dance performances will be presented at the venue to crown the best street dancer(s) of the year by our carefully selected judges.

The event is scheduled to kick off on the 29th October 2017.
The event is free and open to the general public; no tickets or reservations are needed.

BSD stewards will be on hand to talk directly with individuals about how to manage and preserve their collections. There will also be flyers and printed information available.

For security reasons, attendees are asked to be conscious with their vehicles and avoid wrong parking of vehicle at the event center. For information about attending or participating at the event CALL: 08169867506 or 08143935174

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