NEWS:: prophet Philip mugadza prophesied that President Robert Mugabe will die

Prophet Philip mugadza of Zimbabwe recently prophesied that President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe will die today being October 17,2017 has made changes to his earlier statement.

He prophesied in January that God spoke through to tell the world that the president would die today 17,2017.

According to, the pastor reportedly sent out a voice note, in which he suggested God had changed His mind

The prophet allegedly says "it was brought to me to say that there has been a postponement of the prophetic word which I had spoken in the month of January 2017."

He had no idea why God had the change of mind

He never told me as to why he (God) changed his mind. So I can't say why God decided to go that path,  knowing many people were actually expecting the fulfillment of the prophetic word.

In an interview, Mugabe has brushed off what he labelled “ prophets of doom and gloom who masqueraded their dreams and wishes as prophecies ”

"I don't care about them anymore," Mugabe said.  "We had some pastors praying for my death ‚ even a bishop of my church." He added that it was absolutely nothing new to him. .

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