Once Upon a time in a small town lived four Brahmins named Satynand, Vidhynand, Dharmanand and Sivanand. They had grown up together to become good friends. Satyanand, Vidhynanand and Dharmanand were very knowledgeable, but Sivanand spent most of his time eating and sleeping, and so he was considered foolish by everyone.

Once famine struck the town and all the crops failed, rivers and lakes started to dry up. The people of the town starter moving to other towns to save their lives .

We also need to move to another place soon or else we will also die like many others, said Satyanand.  They all agreed with him and decided to move out to another town.

"But what about Sivanand" asked Satynanand.

"Do we need him with us?" He has no skill or learning, we cannot take him with us, he has nothing to offer to us." Replied Dharmanand,  "he will be a burden on us".

"How can we leaven him behind? He grew up with us," said Vidhynand. "We will share what ever we earn equally among us, the four of us.

After a long conversation,  They all agreed to take Sivanand with them.

They packed all necessary things and set out for a nearby town, on the way they had to cross a forest. As they were walking through the thick forest, they across the bone of an animal. They became curious and stopped to take a look at the bones.

"Those are the bones of a lion, ssid Vidhynand.

The others agreed.

"This is a great opportunity to test our learning" said Satyanand.

"I can put the bones together" so he brought the bones together to form the skeleton of a lion.

"Dharmanand said, I can put muscles and tissue on it, soon a lifeless lion lay before them.

"I can breathe into that body" said Vidhynand.

But before he could continue, Sivanand jumped and stopped him saying, the lion will kill us if you give him life.

"Oh you coward, you can't stop me from testing my skills and learning" shouted and angry Vidhynand.  "You are her with us because requested the others to let you come along."

"Then please let me climb that tree first" said the frightened Sivanand running towards the nearest tree.  Just as Sivanand pulled himself on to the tallest branch of the tree, Vidhynand brought life into the lion, getting up with a deafening roar, the lion attacked and killed the three learned Brahmins.

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