NEWS:: ASUP NEC hasn't called off the strike yet - Abubakar Sadiq Ango

As posted federal polytechnic bauchi page, this morning by its Admin Abubakar Saddiq Ango,

 According to the UNAUTHORIZED calendar flying around, students are supposed to be resuming today but ASUP NEC hasn't called off the strike yet, which means the management cannot announce a resumption.

The lesson here is, don't believe every nonsense you see on social media. People will share and say anything to make people think they have privileged access or know people.

It pains everyone that the strike is taking this long to be resolved. Aside from ASUP members who are lecturers and are on a National Strike (Not Internal Strike, which has been called off weeks ago), all other staff of the Polytechnic are in their offices, but they wont be the ones to teach you.

Anything can happen since ASUP is holding a Delegates conference, I don't know when since I am not the ASUP National Chairman, but lets watch out for official announcements from ASUP and The Polytechnic, forget any other "social media town crier" who is trying to feel important on social media, its all false even if their father is the Minister of Education. Let it be official, anything can change, anything can happen.

Lets be smart and learn how to identify / ignore fake news.

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