GIST:: Bauchi state based Gospel Rapper Spunks Edda, divert from the real deal and Now uses the F word (f*ck) on his songs

The Bauchi state based award winning gospel rapper SPUNKS EDA who has been making waves in the HIVE with his kind of art seems to be diverting from the tag he placed on himself as "gospel minister" as we can see on bis new released song "KEEP TALKING".

On hearing the song, we are pushed to say that the artist/Rapper has left or planning to leave gospel to circular world from the content of the song as he could no longer resist the pleasure of the world.

Or is that also a new means of passing the gospel (good news) to his fans by using inappropriate and vulgar words in the song like "shit", "f*ck" etc..

Some believed that the song is a diss song, spunks sending a message to people talking about him because of his art and other stuffs yet to discover.

But I feel there's a better way to preach preach than using such words on songs and again as a gospel minister as they tag themselves.

Download song below and hear for yourself.

Download Audio

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