On Monday 4th December 2017, a car (bus)  was coming from Gombe state in which most of the passengers in that vehicle were student of the Federal Polytechnic Bauchi State coming back to school from the just suspended strike.

Somewhere around "Inkil", as they were driving, behind them were convoy of the Deputy Governor of Bauchi State, blowing their horns so as to get the cars in front of them to clear the road for them to pass.


And this particular car (Bus)  trying to leaven the road, got hit by one of the convoy of the Deputy Governor before they could clear off the road, which resulted to the driver loosing control of the car as the went into the Bush and leaving most of the passengers injured.

The deputy Governor refused to stop instead he called the hospital to come and them, which the hospital did after 3 hours of waiting.

They rushed them to the hospital only to leave them to their selves, requesting they pay the #15 thousand each before getting treatment. Some that had relatives around/within the state were able to afford and some were left to die as some of the victims described their actions.

They doctors left the victims till the early hour of Tuesday morning, around 5 to 6am before treatin them and that was because they claim the deputy Governor called and paid.

Some of the broke legs, cracked thier bones, bruises, etc.

Their numbers and names were collected claiming the Deputy Governor will call and greet them personally which was all a lie. .

Is this the Deputy Governor of the Bauchi state treat people, as if they don't matter.

God will surely fight for them.

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