Two children disappear during Jumat service in mile 12, ketu area of Lagos state

Three year old Muhaisin awaz and six year old Abdallah Abdulazeez's family have been in another form and shape after they learnt that thier kids had allegedly disappeared during Friday (Jumat) service at Oniyarin, in the Mile 12,ketu area of Lagos state.

And it was learnt that both family of Muhaisin and Abdallah are friends.

The two kids hurried down to join other Islamic faithful for prayers.

And were said to have gone missing during the prayers as they could not be found after the prayers, at about 1:30pm on December 16

Nobody has called the two family requesting for ransom yet. And the children don't know the road to home, and the family are begging if anyone has any information on the kids should contact any nearest police station to report.

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