We were made to believe that The voters concert wasn't the regular type of shows or concert we have been to in the HIVE (Bauchi State) as they promised us before the day, that it will be one of a kind (History in the making) so they tagged it.  the concert which was held at the OPEN AIR THEATER WUNTI, BAUCHI STATE. 

But it was unfortunate and heart breaking as the voters concert turned out to be one of the worst, if not the only worst concert so far this year that took place at OPEN AIIR THEATER WUNTI, BAUCHI STATE. 

Firstly, the Publicity was very very poor, and as usual and as people predicted they did not keep to time, the program that was suppose to start by 2pm (Red Carpet) and the Main Even to start by 3pm, turned out to be something else. The voters concert kicked off after 5pm and they had to go and beg people around the event ground to come in so they could be able to start.

And artists  had to perform in the dark, because there was no provision for light, they only light there were the light  from the phones of the few people gathered at the concert which could be counted in seconds. and yes, very poor sound too.

The concert which features some of the great artist in the state like BOC, KAMMILL, STESH, LEE RHYMES, ANDY BATURE AND UNCLE CY (GOMBE) did not turn out to be great or history in the making as it was tagged or as the picture they painted in the minds of the people.

It is very bad to start concert this year this way.

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