Yesterday marked the beginning of greater things to come as history took it place. The first episode of The clothe A Child Campaign that has been on the social media for sometime now was held yesterday 6th may 2018, led by the VISIONEERS in the person of Mr. And Mrs Abel Ugada..

The program was sponsored by Omolara fashion world.. And got help from the following "mustee clothing, Jamal, Kevin Luther King jr, Gloria, Joshua"

The program was first held at gwallameji, anguwan hausa down to anguwan sayawa,
Starting from the anguwan hausa, they entered some houses around there and dropped one or two dress (for both male and female) per house and also same thing as they walked down to anguwan sayawa, making sure they at least put a smile on the face of a kid by giving him or her a dress.

Some of the People that were present to support the movement are Arico TV, El Kamcy, Sunday Sara, Gloria(Glowares), Adegoke,Felicia, Taiye, Prokid, KDS Shadrach, Joshua, they all made it possible for the campaign to be a success.

Parents of the kids that were given clothes showed how happy they are to have received such gift from these young people, saying no one has ever done this to them and they prayed for the team,
"even as they continue they won't lack anything in life and they shall continue to be a blessing to this generation". And many more prayers from other parents of the kids who received the gift.

Mr. And Mrs Abel Ugada, the VISIONEERS of the program said this is just the beginning, more are coming and they aimed at clothing more kids in the next campaign.

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