This guy does not own a house. No, he does not. And it looks like he has no plans of ever doing so. Yet he was getting paid as the agent and making ridiculous rules.

And just like that guy in charge of offing and oning NEPA light, Mr Hillary can decide the weather of your mood by simply making up a new goddamn rule every morning.

  But this particular rule applied to just me. You must be familiar with the old saying "He who lives in a glass house does not go around throwing stones".

Well, here is the version of this rule our caretaker gave me "He who lives right next to the caretaker does not bring women into his room. EVER!" And brethren, I am unhappy to share this, the only thing that separates my room from the caretaker's room was just a tiny brick wall. We were next door neighbors. An incident that was most unfortunate for me and very fortunate for him.


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