God! She was beautiful!
It was as if the good Lord created her bits, ass and boobs first, making sure everything was in perfect proportion, before coupling her together.
I looked upon her marvelous ass and saw nothing but structural perfection in her every curve. I imagined, there and then, an instance where she would sit upon me with all that ass and oh! What joy I felt from this singular thought.

Then I proceeded to gaze upon her full chest. In my head, I imagined that her beautiful set of nipples were just lying there, somewhere, daring a brother to make a move. I also imagined sucking on any one of those nipples and I reasoned such an act can only make a brother feel like he has finally made it.

 Anita, and I kid not about this, possesses the ability to compel any man, married or about to, to stare at her 7times or more and then stumble a couple of times, before realizing his misbehavior.
  So, after I had completed the looking session, I made to advance towards her with all the confidence I could summon in such a short notice. I nudged myself forward with the sayings of my very wise friend Avor "A man is only a man because of how well he handles his opportunities".

 As I got closer, I could feel my senses burning from a mixture of confusion and liver failure. But then I managed to plaster a broad mischievous smile on my black face as I spread my lips to say "Hi". But then Anita replied with a very fast "Hello" almost immediately (I almost wanted to believe she had been expecting me to speak to her for sometime now).

 Next, I was about to concoct a good equation to explain why I was I was speaking to her that very instant, but the girl took the wheels of the conversation and I can gladly say that I felt my liver begin to repair and fall back into proper position.
 She spoke softly, exposing a perfect array of white teeth, and brethren, right there, I started to see images of our future kids and they all wore that exact same white array of perfect teeth.

  She talked about how she had been seeing me around and how she would always wonder while taking a second look at me why I was keeping so much beard in a highly volatile environment. She has since then, been curious to know what kind of person i was.
 I told her I enjoyed the attention it was giving me, whether it was good or bad, and again, Anita laughed.

Flashing me again with those white teeth. You cannot tell me God is not real, for only God could have made this beautiful creature like me this easily.

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