So, here I was, present day, hearing the tiny voice of evil Johnny speak to me again, in my head.

"Enough is enough. Thou son of man canst not continue this way. In every rule made by man, there exist a loophole, and I assure thee that even in this rule there exist one. Now, use thine awesome mind and figure a way out. Do something before something dos you".
And brethren, I cannot, in my right mind, allow something to dos me. I hear it is not healthy.
  So, that's how I stood up from my bed with new resolve and determination.

I shall, by God, find a way out of this problem. I shall get myself laid and yet escape getting evicted for bringing a woman into my room.
But how I was going to get around this, was about to become my greatest challenge yet.

  And as I stepped out of my compound that morning, feeling like a new man, on a mission to break a rule that could send him into the streets, guess who my eyes beheld; Anita (Anita Ferguson, as I later learnt her full name was).

  I mean, I have seen her a couple of times, here or there, on our street, but I have never seen her the way I saw her this particular morning.
For today, I looked upon her beautiful frame with new sight, struggling to swallow a lump in my throat as both carnal and uncarnal desires rose and fell inside me. Something unnatural burning through my lower parts.

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