MUSIC : Abel ugada - Your All ft. C-man

The African Actor (Abel ugada) teams up with the extraordinary Concept  Man to dish this new joint out for your sous and ears. They titled it "YOUR ALL"

YOUR ALL is produced by Sunday sara
Stream and download below 

sing to the song 

Your all Your all Your all
Everything is possible!! 
Your all Your all Your all
Aljani da Waka!!  

•Verse1°Abel Ugada: 
There's no food for you mummy and you are thinking you'll Die... 
So many slept the night before but didn't Die... 
You see.. 
While you're struggling to Eat.. 
Someone else is struggling to breathelE... 
Keep on praying never give Up.. 
The Lord is watching from Up.. 
I just know success is near.. 
Ka daure, dadi na Zuwa.. 

(Give your everything) 
Search No more! 
(Give your everything) 
Cry No more! 
(Give your everything?) 
Just give it YOUR ALL
(Your all Your all Your all)
Just give it YOUR ALL
(Your all Your all Your all)  x2
Mai nama na tara da samu... 
Ka tashi ka namu ga samu... 
Ka daibo ka chi har ka basu.. 

•Verse2° C-Man: 
Things are not working for you..... 
Your landlord is knocking at your door... 
(Huuuuh huuuuh) 
You don't have money for food.. 
(Huuuuh huuuuh huuuuh) 
You don't even know what to do... 
(Ehehhh huuuuh ehee) 
Make I tell you, things go better.. 
Just keep on working, money go enter... 
Mai kin wunyi ba ka da wuja.. 
Be positive o, za fa kahuta.. 
Na San ka Sha wahala so sai... 
Har Mai Dan ki ka, da ka ji da kai.. 
Abokai ka su rabu da kai.. 
Kar ka damu, don ka yi kusa ka samu riba aiki ka... 

•Chorus: Once 

•Verse3° Abel Ugada: 
There's no school fees for the children, life no end... 
You dey work, you no see pay, carry on... 
You dey run and you fall down, start again... 
And you catch your woman cheating, love againnnnn... 
You see... 
Life no end for here because you fail once.. 
You just need to work more hard and give God Your allllll.. 

•Chorus: Once
The End

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