STORY : BEST FRIENDS BY Author: E.J. Matthews || Ep.4.

Now completely disconnected from my instincts, I could clearly hear it. That little voice. The one I hear every time, right before I take the wrong turn. The little voice my wise friend Avor would always describe as the instigator of all a man’s evil ploys.

It said to me and I quote "Baba, forget that nonsense rule abeg, tonight, we die here!"

And so, like the obedient boy that I am, it did not take very long before I started pulling up next to Ella.

The result was a really good feeling. It felt so good that I was tempted to touch.

At this point, there was this large dose of fear brewing just at the pit of my stomach. It was brewing so fast and hot that I could taste it under my tongue. I was breathing really fast and feeling dehydrated at the same time. And I was feeling those things because I knew, like the back of my hand, how disciplined my friend, Ella, was.

If things went south, I would first get a slap I wouldn’t need a plate and spoon to eat, then lose my best friend forever (talking about some 2-0 scores huh?).

I was now about to return to default settings and listen to sound reasoning when my little Johnny got even louder, and harder.


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