STORY :BEST FRIENDS BY E.J. Matthew's || Ep.1.

Once upon a time, I was friends with this very beautiful girl called Ella.

I mean we were really very good friends.

That was why when she finally hit me with the "bestie” title, I did not complain. I mean, how could I? This girl was like the most beautiful girl I know.

When she even edited my name and shifted the word "bestie" to where my first name used to be, I still accepted that with joy and gladness in my young heart.

Because like my very wise friend, Avor, would always say "A man can only meet a handful of extremely beautiful women in his rather short sojourn in life".

Ella would tell me everything. I mean anything. Like literally anything that comes to her beautiful mind. And I too would, in the spirit of solidarity and of course the sheer need to maintain a great relationship, tell her everything. Okay wait! Maybe not everything. But just enough to keep her trust. For I take very seriously the words of my very wise friend, Avor, "females do not like too much truth, just give them enough percentage of truth and you are good". Amen!


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