STORY : : BEST FRIENDS BY E.J. Matthews || Ep.2

And please, don’t give me that judgmental look. We all have that one friend we always listen to. Even if they are not always right. Avor was right like 30% of the time. So please forgive me for always listening to him.

Anyway, because I was her best friend, Ella would come over to my place and crash.

Now, brethren, I do not want you to count me lucky and be led into thinking this was a good thing for me. Because it is not. Not at all.

You see, according to the 5th rule of bestieship "A bestie may behold, whether the part or the whole, but must never touch".

And dear friends, maybe I would have been able to stick by the rule and manage the dexterity of my konjification (and no! you cannot tell me that is not a word. Pain can indeed expand your vocabulary). Because I have, by this time, learnt that strong men rule their souls while the stronger ones rule both their souls and their bodies (and yes you guessed that right. Avor taught me that as well!).

But do you know that sometimes Ella would crash at my place, right in front of my good eyes, with just bra and panties. Usually red bra. She seems to love them red. Very much to my disadvantage as the color seems to blend well with her skin, making her appear like she has got nothing on. And the panties, guys. The panties be looking like what was designed to cast a spell or two on a brother.

I mean, who does that?

And the thing, fortunately or unfortunately, is because some of us have been wholeheartedly faithful and highly religious in taking our vitamins on a regular, especially vitamin A, we can , with no difficulty, see through anything, panties and bras including. Amen! 


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