STORY : BEST FRIENDS BY E.J. Matthews || Ep.3.


Consequently, it was always during nights like those that you would find me tossing the length and, later on, the breadth of my bed. Sometimes, I would even stand up maybe 10 or 11 times, to quench my thirst of course, before the sun decides to greet the sky.

And surprising enough, that's the same number of times I would also head towards the toilet to rid myself of the end product – urine.

All of these were subtle acts designed to keep me distracted. Keep me away from breaking the bestieship rule.

Full disclosure – you see, while I would be trying to sleep, my little Johnny would be very awake, like some restless military commander, cleverly plotting ways to infiltrate Ella's precious fairyland (and yes, I honestly think that that thing has a mind of his own. Thank you very much!)

That was how one faithful night, I followed my little Johnny to be very very awake (very unfortunate) while Ella was sleeping beautifully half-naked (very unfortunate too).

And my own mind began to receive images conjured by the mind of my little Johnny. I mean real adult-rated images. Like images of what I could, and would, do to, and with, Ella.

I think I heard my instinct, somewhere at the back of my mind, try to remind me of the bestieship rule (what a buzz-kill right?). Next, I think I heard it also try to explain to me how I stood the risk of losing this beautiful friendship if I continued entertaining such images from my little Johnny’s mind.

Usually I would abide by the counsels of my smart instincts, because like my very wise friend, Avor would like to put it, “blessed is that man that heeds to his instincts after they have warned him more times than once.”

But not that night. For you see, my emotions were on full throttle this particular night. For I watched them as they started by clouding my judgment, then stretched their long hands to disconnect me from my instinct. 


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