kahinde Elisha Olagunju. Who is popular known as KENNY WONDER is a producer and song writer.

The producer took to his facebook handle to announce his new found faith amidst several reactions from his fans, of which he still remains rassiliant.

Read his post on facebook below 

"The past few weeks has been really thought provoking for me, there has been this void in my heart, this longing, trying to find the purpose for which I was created. Everyone and Everything made has its purpose, and until we discover this, we can't function and expect the desired result, 2Timothy 2:20-22 I fasted, I prayed had deep meditations, and the answers I seek were right before my eyes. But I kept going on my own accord, hoping someday it would yield something.. Just like u cannot buy a TV screen and expect it to serve as a fruit blender... Purpose. I was made to worship God, and to serve his will. Finally I listened and adhered, and trust me it's wasn't an easy decision to make for I have been adamant for these many, many years. Now, I accept my purpose and like the prodigal son in Luke 15:11-32, I have returned to my father!!! # bornagain
# worshiper # minister # kennywonder
# rebirth # holyholy"

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