Daddy Freeze Accused Of Charging 100k From Artiste Before Playing Their Songs, He Reacts

Very popular on air personality, Daddy Freeze has been accused by fans of charging artistes 100,000 Naira before playing their songs on his show and he defends himself.

Replying to the allegations, he said;

"I owe nobody an answer, but I’ll give you one nonetheless. I have 23 years of radio experience, if I choose to charge a fee (which I should), hows that anybody’s business?

I preach the gospel for free, everything else I charge for, in full, upfront. ?By the way, I don’t charge for radio AirPlay, but for artiste consultancy (a bracket under which I can file literally anything I wish).
Before you come for OAPs is your song nice? Does it make sense? Would it add value to my show?
A minute of my time is in six figures, why shouldn’t it be?? ~FRZ"

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