AUDIO+LYRICS:: LemuelKnight - "Broken Piece"

Broken Piece comes through from the one and only street legend LEMUEL KNIGHT,

Download, listen and enjoy.


Broken Piece
My heart bleed, my pen bleed
My life is a book but you can't read
What good is the grass we can't feed
You as good as your past if you don't grow
What good is my bars if you I don't flow
Am tryna do a study coz I don't know
And I don't know how I came about your soul
Only thing I know is you got me skipping whores
That side is a blessing and I recognize the essence
Year after year I celebrate your presence
We celebrate black love colour of the essence
Things fall apart and I don't understand
Supposed heart broken but I have to be a man
Am a lil heart broken but am way above depression
Bars after bars is how I do expression
Listen up fam let me break it down for yall
Longtime coming take three from a decade
A lil bit crazy laying bars from a sick bay
Love story of seven glory from the heavens
Seven years of love got thrown in a trash
Let it burn fast as I shake off the ash
Rewind a bit do a lil flash back
Back to the basics erase the traces
hella come through and I recognise the phases
 Shifting gears and am sock in tears
Got to stand up and consume my fears
Am too proud to cry but am sock in tears
Today am on Facebook discussing affairs
That's kinda lame but its all game though
 I ve been a good guy got kicked through the window
Good doesn't pay but my got gots to say
Lost in a dream with my eyes on the cream
god like Jessy Josh painting a scene
Good all along we was best as a team
Tryna bring the Juice back it was just above the Rim.

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