CHIEF DADDY MOVIE REVIEW: Everyone in the movie seemed to have come to the table with their F-Games - Anoke Adaeze

When Chief Beecroft died, the crying looked painfully rehearsed. Of course, it was rehearsed, but it wasn’t supposed to be painfully obvious.Everyone in the movie seemed to have come to the table with their F-games.First off, the movie ran dangerously low on emotions of any sort and what is anything of worth in the world without emotions.The vibes exuded by most of the main cast lacked zest.Everything seemed mechanical and hackneyed.Rachael Oniga (Ajoke) tried though… Scratch that. The waterworks which was lacking in moisture, turned out to be poorly-schooled theatrics.It seemed as though nobody truly cared about the deceased billionaire. He had barely been certified dead before the hovering buzzards swooped in to pick his remains.Errr…Kemi (Joke Silva) seemed to care.And boy, whatever Ini Edo did to her body, I want..The directing of the movie was fundamentally wrong. Emotions were translated wrongly. 

The director did a thoroughly crappy job.So, Justina (Linda Ejiofor) hears of the Chief’s demise and goes straight from thinking ‘gone’ meant he’d gone on a vacation to talking about his will…how…just how? It was a crazy and somewhat unrealistic way to react over the news of the death of a man who allegedly adopted her and spoiled her with the fine things of life.Even if the director meant to portray the chief’s family and friends as buzzards, the delivery was still below the bar.I winced whenever Falz said ‘basically’. It was the first time I thought of Falz as unimpressive. His scenes grated on my nerves. To say the very least.The interpretation of emotions and synergy between the actors were poor. They were all like strange bed fellows. Unfit puzzle pieces.It’s no wonder the entire delivery was a little less serious than elementary school drama.Chigul has some comedy talents that will be appreciated if she strips off some of the padded layers of mediocrity.Bisola Aiyeola is an excellent…excellent actor. Her reaction when she was  woken rudely by her ‘madam’ was everything. It was original. In my opinion, she is currently about the most original actor in Nollywood.The MC at the funeral ceremony is a perfect representation of everything Nigerian MCs are.You pay them to keep your guests entertained and instead of being creative enough to come up with entertainment befitting of the occasion and guests, they insult guests and in some cases,their clients..The wrap-up like the other parts of the film was not realistic.I sincerely hope the producer resists the urge to do an encore.Phew!

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