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The Dayo Amusan Innovations (TDA Innovations) will host a Business Conference on June 22, 2019, Oduduwa Hall, Obafemi Awolowo University. The programme is aimed at harnessing business potentials among youths, empowering startups with stability and seamless growth, and also creating a platform for business mentorship. The insights and analyses presented in this conference will provide a critical cornerstone for entrepreneurs and will bridge the business gap between the 20th & 21st Century. Participants would demonstrate creativity, innovation and expertise that is needed in restoring the economy and abating the unemployment rate in Nigeria.
The Government and both local and international organizations across the world are making significant effort to improve the economy of this country either by empowerment programs, Sponsorship, Grants, among other efforts. The youth have been encouraged to be self-employed, yet the rate of financial sustainability and independence remains so low. So much is being done, but so little is being seen.
The problem is not from outside, it is mostly from within. Many young graduates are going into business as a means of survival and not as a pursuit of vision. Most of the time, the big problem is not ‘’what” they are doing but “why” they are doing it.Looking ahead, The SmartPreneurs Summit would be an eye opener to the reality of the mindset of an Entrepreneur and the things that surround their success in this digital age.The SmartPreneurs Summit is an extension of TDA INNOVATIONS, to support the youth, help navigate financial literacy appropriately, create engagement for productivity, network, provide funding among other major opportunities.

The conference aims to:
  • Harness business potentials among youths;
  • Empower startups with stability and seamless growth;
  • Create a platform for business mentorship

Focus Areas

The conference will focus on the following topics:
  • Building a business from zero
  • The Entrepreneur’s Mindset.
  • Startup, Innovation and Capacity building for an Entrepreneur.
  • Fund raising and Business Scaling
  • Business Branding
  • Mentorship in Business
  • Effect of Government Policies and Bye-laws on SME in Nigeria
  • Bridging the gap between research and production using ICT as a tool.
The Smartpreneurs Summit is focused towards reaching youth across different academic institutions, in the civil service, among the executives and full-time entrepreneurs. It is meant to challenge, harness, empower and educate everyone on how to become a Smartpreneur in their chosen pursuit.
Students from all higher institutions, Civil Servants, and Business executives in Osun State are being mobilized to be part of this conference.
A minimum of 1000 participants are expected to grace this Conference from across the State, while other participants from other states are also welcome.
A working agenda has been drawn out for this Summit. The suggested format for the conference includes two moderators who will serve as the Comperes and will guide the discussions over the course of the agenda. Speakers will present on different topics as related to the broad theme, followed by expert panel discussions which will then be opened to the wider audience. There will be pitching sessions in the course of the Summit to be anchored by the panel of Judges. Speakers are expected to provide their workshop slides in advance, drawn from their own expertise and respective mandate of the session.


In preparation for the workshops and discussions, speakers are requested to consider some guiding questions drawn up from the current trends in business and Entrepreneurship at large. They are expected to come up with lasting solutions.
What does it mean to be smart as an Entrepreneur?
What is the role of your mindset as an Entrepreneur and how can it be used to your profiting?
The rate of unemployment is fast increasing even with all the effort of the Government. Is the Government doing enough, is it a problem of the masses or the strategies being applied?

Graduates of today tend to be on the lookout for vocational trainings as a means of survival; most of them never think of any good to do with their certificates. Is it a curriculum problem or a market problem?
How can investors be encouraged in this nation?
Is the Government doing enough to encourage Startups in this country? What should an entrepreneur do in spite of discouraging Policies and Economy?The conference is going to be very informative and the discussions emerging from the conference will be a major eye opener to the Entrepreneur or intending Business owner. The various challenges that are being faced will be highlighted and dealt with. There will also be an enabling atmosphere to connect with people in the various fields that the participants are operating from.
Major attention is being given to the Post-conference events; successful business owners will be consulted to give room for mentorship of about 5 – 20 participants. There will also be Volunteer mentors at the Conference. This ensures that each participant is followed up and their progress is monitored.
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