For the record, Mr President and APC when they were opposition figures, berated, criticise their predecessors as clueless, ineptitudes and incompetent in the running of the state affairs with many a times without proffering solutions to the lingering economic and security challenges in the country.

Fourteen Local governments were lost to insurgents between 2009-2014 with APC cashing on over the unfortunate/ careless handling of affairs by their predecessors and used in for campaigns to win elections.
Between 2015- 2019 they are at the helm of affairs, they seem so bereft of ideas on how to handle the situation or at least arrest the escalating state of insecurity in the land, but they have resorted to blaming Nigerians who raised concerns on the abating state of insecurity and general state of the Nation as " unpatriotic elements"
Lowering it down to isolated cases of insecurity and politicisation of insecurity!!!
And i asked what is politicisation of insecurity when concerns are raised about the daily killings ongoing across the federation?
In 2014 Mr president was attacked in Kaduna, a lot of people talked against the careless handling of the security challenges by the then government. They appreciated all those that raised concerns including me, tagging us as patriots. Now the same me and like minds who are genuinely raising concerns are tagged as unpatriotic elements!!!

How pathetic can it be beyond this?

Blaming PDP and Gej is no longer selling so the common and average Nigerian should braced up as he'll be blamed in this next level.

The killing of the Daughter of Afenifere leader has generated heats across board as some see it as giving credence to the death of the ruling class while thousands of poor Nigerians are killed without publicity or concern by the led.
While others see it as if the elites are not safe then who is safe? The common man is death already.

The government must brace up to reality and accept full responsibility as the biggest essence of government is protection of lives and properties of the citizenry.

They should adopt some of the recommendations in the open letter written by Former President Olusegun Obasanjo and the Senate President Ahmad Lawan who is not an opposition figure but Number Three citizen of the land and member of the APC to have a complete overhaul of the security apparatus of the country as also raised by Former President Goodluck Jonathan who called for used of technology, improve intelligence gathering and synergy amongst security agents in the country.

Kushi Libi Isaac

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