WHO KNEW/SOLD OUT: Is I.B Becoming An Average Rapper/Singer? II REVIEWS

I.B, Norther Empire front man seems to be have dropped the energy he was known for in Hive years back, and one can tell through the last song he dropped ''WHO KNEW'' and even his projects before this last one.

With the high hopes and expectations people in the hive and around placed on him, the young act seems to always find a way to disappoint.

And from the look of  things, I.B seems to be under a pressure to revive he rapper in him that people fell in love with couple of years back.

last year after much hype and anticipation he dropped a project, an EP ''SOLD OUT'' and truth be told he really sold out himself to a different pattern of music that shows how lazy and unserious he has become over the years.

we were all expecting to hear some real HIP HOP stunts but what we got was a different thing entirely on the EP ''SOLD OUT''.

I.B has been a very fine lyricist since from the beginning but on this EP ''SOLD OUT'' and ''WHO KNEW'' he was not in his best form as we can clearly see in the lyrics and the flow in which he delivered was disjointed.

Most of I.B recent work is an average work and his talent is way way beyond the quality of music he is giving

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