GIST: Official Deezell sued some Twitter users for character defamation

Official Deezell took to his Twitter handle to share a sue report statement a court in Abuja issued for the arrest of some certain individuals who in his statement said what they said about his was a defamation of character and they must be brought to justice.

In the early hours of today 09/02/2020, I read thes tatement of Maryam Booth published on her Twitter  account and other social media platforms on 8th february, 2020 at 8:30PM. The following false
allegations were made and I quote:

"a. For the record, I want to categorically state that thiss ame man (lbrahim Ahmad Rufai) has been, in multiple occasions threatened to leaked my video if I didn't give him money.

b. ..but it is true that Deezell was my Ex who then snedkily recorded me while I was changing"

I vehemently deny the statement above; the entire statement is ill-founded, false and untrue, save for the fact that Maryam Booth is my ex-girlfriend. The publication is undoubtedly a barefaced and jealous
attempt to unfairly discredit and expose me, to shame and ridicule me in the eyes of my family.

I wish to further state that at no point in time did threaten Maryam Booth or anyone at all to leak any video in if I wasn't given money. There has never been any demand of whatever sort from me to her or any
person for that matter.

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