GIST: J.tuta finds his way back to GOSPEL MUSIC

Foremost singer Jtuta at a Press conference organized by His Management made it known to the general public that he is now fully a Reborn Gospel Artiste.

Speaking at the press conference he told BBAN that;

I am now strictly Street Gospel!

I am back to stay from where I started!

His management further said;

To mark his return to Gospel Music Jtuta will be dropping a brand new singles titled DO AM featuring Top Northern Producer and singer Cman off a scheduled project. The management also made it clear that this is not a career shift because he has always been doing inspirational music just that people don’t know whether he is secular or Gospel which is why we are making it public now that j.tuta is strictly Street Gospel!

On his comparison with Rude’s boy voice the management said; There is nothing J.tuta can he just have to be himself and yes he can co-exist alongside rudeboy in the same generation.

Responding to questions thrown at the conference, Jtuta said while reacting to the question of “will people accept your new kind of music”?

I am very confident that people will love my sound as they have always.

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