Family dilemma part three

Sarah couldn't come back from seventh heaven, until the big man had finally pulled out. Who would blame her? The warm sensation that surged through her entire body, left her brains dormant through out. She never wanted any of this. After the robbers left, she and her husband couldn't share a gaze, let alone a word. Derek spent the rest of the night in the guest room, devoid of sleep. He couldn't wait for the dawn of a new day. Just being in the same house with Sarah sickened him- plus his ribs hurt like hell.

Derek left the house at first light. He called doctor Bismark to meet him up at the sky crown hotels- room 103. Thirty minutes later the doctor walks into his suite.

"Good morning" He greeted, as his eyes darted around the room in search of Sarah. He looks at Derek sitting on the bed without observing his countenance.

"Where is Sarah" our new wife he continued, this time with a smile on his face. Bismark has been the Enemosas' family doctor for close to a decade- over the years, he has come to be more than just a family doctor.

"Are you gonna come check out my ribs or should i get someone else to do it?" Derek snapped with some miff, as he leaned backwards on both arms.

This time, Bismark noticed his weary and gloomy visage, but didn't want to quiz him any further. He checked out his ribs and confirmed it to be just a knock. He brought him some painkillers and left with tones of questions at the tip of his tongue.

All the while, Derek's brain had focused on the physical pain from his ribs, pushing last night's incident from immediate memory. As soon as the painkillers subdued the pain, pictures from last night instantly flooded his mind. All he could picture, was a tall and barrel chested man pummeling his dear wife from behind, all hooded. The different sounds of her ecstatic moans taunted him with each facet, as he face palmed- Just as he let his palms down, he began twisting the wedding ring on his finger. The muscles in his jaws crinkled, before he gave out a loud bitter laugh, like he was going nuts.

He slipped into a conversation with himself audibly: "How can I dissolve a marriage that has lasted for less than 48 hours? What am I going to tell people? He knew he needed a confidant; one who'd advise him appropriately. But who could that be? He thought of his friend Austin; that one would say anything over a bottle of liquor. Morgan? Dude is book sharp but motor mouthed like a woman! Jason? A misogynist and harbors too much of extreme principles. His family? His mother and his sisters never liked Sarah. They'd be over the moon if they heard any of this- finally, an excuse to send her out of his life for good. His marriage with Sarah had created a huge gap between them.

It all dawned on him. He realized how disconnected from his family love has made him. A drop of tear rolled down his left cheek. He quickly wiped it off with his big thumb. Looked heavenward and breaths in sharply.

"Men aren't suppose to cry" he cautioned himself mentally.
Men aren't supposed to cry? Are you kidding me? I'd cry as much as I want if I were him! If you were Derek, who among those friends would you talk to? Find out in the chapters to come. Thanks for your support and a prosperous new year to you in advance.

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