Family dilemma part two (explicit content)

Around 12:33am, Brutus's persistent and strange barking aroused Derek. He waved it off as Brutus fighting his demons, and tried to go back to sleep. Suddenly, Brutus went mute. Derek ringed solo his gateman, but nobody answered at the other end. He hopped out of bed to check it out. As he made his way down the stairs, just before the main entrance, a hooded man pushed him back from the opposite direction. His pupils dilated, as terror overtook his face.

"Idiot! see the kind house wey you dey live, boys dey dey dry anyhow. Come on, dey go show us where the money dey" the hooded man said pointing to the stairs, while he held his gun with his left hand.

Derek quivered and scrunched with his two hands in the air, as he led the way to the bedroom. The hooded man and his goons followed. They kicked the bedroom door open, and shoved Derek to the floor. The bang from the door knocked up Sarah. Her eyes widened, just before her mouth fell open, leaving no sign of drowsiness.

"Come on comot for that bed" one of the goons said, pulling her from the bed, to the floor where Derek grovelled.

"Oya you, where the money dey?" The boss questioned, as he pointed his gun at Derek. Derek still couldn't lift his head. His mouth too shaky to speak, he pointed under the bed.

One of the goons reached under the bed, pulled out the brief case and flung it open. Dollar bills stared back at him, as he turned the brief case towards his boss.
"E no sweet you as you help boys?" The boss queries rhetorically, as his gaze shifted from Derek to Sarah. He couldn't help but notice those wicked curves her lingerie barely covered.
"Bros na only you dey enjoy this kind thing? You greedy o" the boss said peering at Derek before his gaze returned to Sarah.

"Come here!" He commanded.

Derek impulsively reached for his wife, urging her not to move. She leaned towards him and held him tightly. One of the goons hit him hard from behind, just beside the ribs. Sarah watched him clench his ribs from severe pain.
Another, pointed his gun at Derek urging Sarah to move or he'd "delete" her husband.

"Please do whatever he says" a voice that sounded like her husband's hit her.

Before she could stand properly, another goon tore her lingerie and shoved her towards their boss. He released his 10.3 inch cock from his trousers fully erect and commanded her to hold on to the edge of the bed, giving off the perfect position to bang her pussy from behind. He tried to push his cock in, but it couldn't go through. He lubricates it with plenty of saliva and slid back in.

As his cock went in, Sarah groaned with pain. But he just kept thrusting heedlessly. Her pussy began to cream. His cock brushed her already erect clitoris, with every thrust, giving her a sensation she has never felt before. She threw her left hand behind, held onto his thigh urging him to quicken his thrust as she echoes "fuck me!". As he quickened his thrust, her legs began to shake. She jutted out her big ass, swinging it up and down as she squirted severally, each time he pulled his cock out. She's never had a 10.3 inch cock before!

Derek looked on helplessly, as this savage defiled his newly wedded wife. What's worse, she's enjoying every bit of it.

Will the new couple come back from this? Or is the marriage over before it's even began? I'd love to find out myself...wait for chapter three.
As you rightly pointed out in the last chapter, I tried to reduce the grammar on this one. I hope it meets your expectation. Your critiques and advice are always welcome.
Thanks for reading. Oh! And merry Christmas!

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