Things you should know about spoken word

Spoken word is an oral art  that focuses on the aesthetics of word play and intonation and voice inflection. It is a 'catchall' that includes any kind of poetry recited  aloud, including hip-hop ,jazz poetry,poetry slams, traditional poetry readings and  can include comedy routines and 'prose monologues..

Spoken word has existed for many years. Long before writing, through a cycle of practicing, listening and memorizing, each language drew on its resources of sound structure for aural patterns that made spoken poetry very different from ordinary discourse and easier to commit to memory

There were poets long before there were printing presses, poetry is primarily oral utterance, to be said aloud, to be heard. Poetry, like music, appeals to the ear, an effect known as euphony or onamatopoeia, a device to represent a thing or action by a word that imitates sound.

In ancient  Greece, the spoken word was the most trusted repository for the best of their thought, and inducements would be offered to men (such as the rhapsodes) who set themselves the task of developing minds capable of retaining and voices capable of communicating the treasures of their culture.The Ancient Greeks included Greek lyric, which is similar to spoken-word poetry, in their Olympic  Games.

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