Baby found dead in gwallameji, Bauchi State.

The rate at which ladies now dump thier new born babies is becoming something else in gwallameji..

Just last year December two babies were found, and then early this year one was found in a well close to gwallameji government school and now another..

Speaking with an eye witness Mrs. Jummai Danladi,  who saw the lady running after dropping the baby, though she said she couldn't see the face of the lady because she was taking a look through the window when the lady was running..

HiveXclusive :: Good Morning Ma.. Please can you tell us how it happened?

Mrs. Jummai Danladi ::: it happened around pass 4am, that's when I normally  wake  up to pray, I was in my room about to start praying after finishing my praise and worship, when I heard someone walking and then Later I heard baby crying also, I was the only one at home, I was scared to go out at first because my husband travelled, and then I decided to take a look through the window, after which I started shouting after knowing what she was doing, the lady took off because I could see her face..

HiveXclusive ::: Ma, what about the baby, what happened to the baby?

Mrs. Jummai Danladi ::: I Went out immediately after the lady ran away and when I got to the baby, it was dead already, while standing there, my neighbors came out saying the heard me shouting, so at last we just buried the baby.

She added.. Why open your leg for a guy, since you know you are not keeping the baby.. Or why did you carry the baby for 9 months just to kill it after being born.

We pray that may the soul of this baby rest in peace with the lord. Amen..

This thing has to stop in gwallameji..

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