official release, STD is an instant classic. songs full of depth & meaning and still commercial which is very rear for rap artists to pull out.
Shigma's lyrical ability has reached high altitudes, each listen to STD provides new explain. the album revolutionise hiphop into something more pop. the rapper takes us on a trip inside his mind, brings us closer to feelings like we know him. his voice does most of the work playing multiple roles in verses & hooks.

Looking at the choice of beat, STD featured sample instrumentals from variety of music genre(pop,hiphop,naija,Ragae beats) attimes it feels contradictory and the story transmitting on every song on the album feels different but thats where its Genius lies. the mixtape sampled instrumentals from Kanye West(flashy lights, touch the sky) Big Sean(finally famous), Monlee(Dreamer), S.O.S(Wish you could stay, Lil wayne(cry), Logic Ashanty.
The story of the album goes back & forth, on the first track of the album takes us deep into the rappers state of mind & his personal life as a whole He shared with us lessons he learnt from his late mother that "dreams come true". the 2nd track goes deep to tell us about his love affair with a strange girl who the rapper depicts as a girl whose features draws attention. Track 3 at the course of epressing love in the midst of strugle of life, Shigma dint forget to express his lyrical prowess by establishing words in picasso that portrays him as a lyrical wizard who paint pictures with words & can only be compared with prolific legendary paint artist like picasso. track 4 Naira bills goes back to his strugles & how money is an issue & moreso the root of evil. the 5th track came as a suprise Joe Shigma seemed to have peovided us with the name of that his lover in track 2 but in here he goes on another thematic dimension in a groovy, danceable manner.
track 6 goes in an emotional way to tell us that being underground is being in the dark & there is a need to rise above and see sunny days. track 7. provided us with light on the northern side of Nigeria where there is little or low amount of stars & how Shigma see's Mikel Obi as his model & also a competition. track 8 speaks of Shigma's wish & ambition to climb up the charts & earn material & spiritual esteem, in track 9 Shigma came in a groovy pattern telling us how he is unstopable & how he is doing well musically.
Track 10 came with story of a smoker who inspired & motivated Shigma to grow & do better. Track 11 talks about those that contributed in shigma's life positively or negatively to him they are all "Angels in disguise". Track 12 talks about political issues and crisis in the Nigerian atmospere, the rapper seemed confident, bold & brave. Track 13 the rapper talks about his mysterious child hood friend he loves so much. track 14 the rapper encourage his audience on patience as a virtue.
Track 15 is the heart & soul of the album it embody's everything in a nutshell. shigma in a bilingual maner(English & Hausa) & a switch off different tones shared to us visions from his childhood days his story as a young man his dreams & ambitions.He also shared at the end of the song a poetic piece that showed he has discovered his real self and no longer afraid of his true nature.
STD is an album with hidden depth where words and music operate in beautiful sychronocity a constantly unfolding dance that lands each new approach a sense of revelation.


2... Download DEM DONNO

3... Download FLASHY LIGHTS

4... Download HOLD ON

5... Download HOLY MESSENGER

6... Download IGBO

7... Download KPAKOLOPEDIA

8... Download MAGANA JARI CE

9... Download SHEBA

10... Download MY PADI

11... Download NAIRA BILLS

12... Download OBI

13... Download PICASSO

14... Download ANGEL IN DISGUISE

15... Download GIMME SOME MORE

Download, listen and share with your family and friends..

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