El Speaks - son of man (Produce by KDS)

The waters Elocutionist and Eloquent who does The art of public speaking with expert control of gesture and voice "El-kamcy Speaks" also known as El speaks

The poet El speaks who is known for his fluent persuasive lines and effective in expressing meaning by speech drops a piece and he titled it "Son Of Man". The poet, is his piece is talking about Jesus Christ as the son of man, through the Spirit holiness and resurrection from the dead He was declared to be the son of God with power..

Just download it and also hear the word of God that was made flesh..

Audio Download. 


  1. Nice piece Sir.. ( we gods on earth became slaves to creatures we created through The one true King and God, The Creator).. Awesome. Word of life

  2. Great work love.. More grace.. More words

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