Fuuny Post:: Question Of The Day:- N5,000 Cash or A 25 mins Dinner With Bobrisky – Which Would You Go For?

here is our question of the day....

if you are to choose between 5,000k and Bobrisky ,who would you go for?

Well here is my own choice
i will choose the money over Bobrisky, is not like i hate him ooo..i don't , but then again if there is fire outbreak and Bobrisky is inside the house and there is tank full of water to save him, i will just use the water to wash m legs. i just want my legs to be clean.

let's hear your own choice. drop your comment below


  1. hahahahahahahaha...... am still thinking @admin

  2. lol.. i will go for the money, is not like i too like money ooo...kai i can't even see myself thinking abt going out with this thing

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