We have examine the homosexuality that is looming large in lagos. 
it was a secret thing to do in the past but today homosexuality has gained more ground to become a social club in lagos.
Gay club is real despite the prohibition of same sex marriage Act 2014 in Nigeria. there has been court cases of homosexuality, involving adults and minors caught in the secret act of sodomy.
investigation has revealed that most celebrities practice homosexuality and did not see it as immoral but could not make it public because Nigeria law is against it and anyone caught in the act is going to prison.
Senator David Mark during his tenure as the president of the senate ensured that issues to legalize homosexuality died at the National Assembly.
Nigeria was threatened with sanction b the United Kingdom and United states where homosexuality is legal and is seen as normal as anything you could think of, but the senates stood its ground as it refused to dance to the tune of the foreign powers.
 it is on the record that Senator David Mark displayed a real sense of african morality and values against the sadomy idae that had spread to the nooks and crannies of the world. To an average gay or lesbian, homosexuals were born and had to express their fundamental human rights. 
on the street of Allen, lagos, it is very difficult to identify a girl from a boy as commercial prostitutes dress seductively to lure men of easy virture into sexaul intercourse.
gone are those days in lagos that only women parade thier bodies on the street, men had to joined the trade and it had reached a high point now that they had become association with various meeting points which includes hotels.
no doubt the current economic recession has increased the rate of homosexuality for profit making rather than pleasure, the practitioners had thrown caution to the wind as they engage themselves in the amorous relationship.
even though its ilegal, it sound unbelievable that no fewer than 28 adult and 12 monirs were arrested atone Vintage hotel located on No 999, ikorodu road/toyin close, weigh bridge, owode onirin, lagos for perpetrating homoasexuality..
i just don't know what this our country is becoming, but our prayer is may God help those people doing it to see the light and come to know the person Jesus as their savior.

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