It has gotten to our ears that the federal Polytechnic Bauchi State is embarking on a strike, either today or tomorrow.

Though our source did not confirm the reasons why the school is embarking on the strike.

But it is confirmed that the school, federal Polytechnic Bauchi is going for the strike.

As some spread rumors that the reason why federal Polytechnic Bauchi is embarking on this strike is because of the money the current Rector of the school in the person of Dr. Engr. Shuaibu Musa is yet to release to the staff which he promised months back.

Speaking with some students within the school environment, they expressed their anger and fear, as they feared that they might not graduate from school this year due to the outcome of the strike, while some are regretting coming to the  school.

Speaking with an ND 2 STUDENT of the school  "MUSA BALA" he said..  "how can Nigeria move forward when our schools aren't moving forward but taking us backwards, just last semester, we wasted time on a semester that's supposed to last for 3month plus, but we ended up spending almost 6 months in the the school last semester" please the government should do something about this. Musa Bala speaking.

Though we are yet to receive the full details from the school management..
Stay tuned, more news coming concerning this issues

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