Woman Raped in Gwallameji

A man raped woman after leaving NEW TRAFFORD with her.

the 28-year-old woman told our reporter that she left new trafford about 4:30am Tuesday today with a man she had met in new trafford. when they were outside, the man asked her to come see him off to his friends place at a lodge behind FAITH REVIVAL CHURCH, getting there, behind the church, the man force her to a grassy area near an uncompleted building behind the church and raped her, she told our reporter.

the man ran off after the assault and left the woman laying on the grassy area where he had defiled her. some minutes later some guys who had just left BUBBES HOTEL walking home, heard her crying took her home.

 just this morning around 7:00am she went to the head of the area [ANGWAN SAYAWA] where she stays and reported, and later to the station. the police promised her not worry herself as they will do all the can to make sure justice is served.

please we should be very careful with the kind of people we follow this days, we should not carried away by the smile on peoples faces. the head of the area said.

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