Neken Agape Chuwang - born and brought up in jos

His father "Gyang Moses Chuwang" is a clergy with COCIN and a music lover, while his mom "Palang Sarah Chuwang" currently is running her Masters degree at TCNN and is also a singer, songwriter with 2 audio albums and one video album to her name.

 He's from the family of 5 in number(2 boys,3 girls) he's the first, followed by his sister Noro,then his brother Nerat, and his sisters Nerei & Nawin.

His family is basically a music family (his dad taught him the first chords he knows on the guitar 😉 )

 Due to the his Dad's kind of job schooling in one place couldn't work, but after about 3/4 schools he graduated primary education at Festival Road primary school, Area 10, Abuja.

Neken schooled and graduated secondary education at the prestigious Boys' Secondary School(BSS) Gindiri
He just got his first degree (Bsc Sociology) at the University of Jos.

Right now he's  more about making Amazing and godly Music while waiting for NYSC and he has a fashion career that's currently on hold due to the need to catch up on the album and some busy schedules at the moment...

And here is what he has to say when asked where he would love to be in the next 5years

NEKEN replied "In 5 years there's so much I'm trusting God for, Growth musically, spiritually, financially and so much more"

Here is what he got for those people who are doing his kind of art.

"My advice to people doing the same thing as me is to discover what their vision and dream for their gifting is, start working towards it and be true to themselves and to God by glorifying God in everything they do and being conscious to be a blessings to everyone around them as much as they can"

He has a concert coming up 22nd September 2017, you don't want to be told about this.... if i  were you i would make myself available for this of it's kind..

See details below

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