• LEMUEL KNIGHT - MS.ANN LYRICS ||hivexclusive

    (Sample voice talking )
    (Sample voice singing )
    Ahrr ahrr  Ahrr
    Is real mehn
     Yeah, Hello Ms. Ann
    Yeah, Hello Ms. Ann the boy is a man
    Hello Ms. Ann am still your biggest fan
    Yeah shit is real
    (verse one)
    Let me take you way back to ICSS
    I was wrong with the signs so my eyes do the S
    I was caught in a bad place in 2008
    The last day in school 2008
    Catholic high school good education
    My love for the Hills got MisEducation
    At least we can have today a good conversation
    About me and Ann and my gat damn past
    My life took a left turn and nothing was a blast
    I got smashed for the fact I wasn’t in the class
    Now let me break down I wasn’t in the class
    After short break we was out there talking
    Four, five of us or maybe even more
    Ann was the teacher she a lil bit raw
    Lendo was the student he a lil bit core
    Caught in the mix up acting all tough
    She demanding respect and she played the boy rough
    She like get in the class am like is no class for us
    Get in the class am like the period is free
    Next up she be raining heavy whips on me
    Am like hell no yo am grown up for this
    I never even knew I was disrespecting Ms.
    She got so furious my uniform was torn
    Next up for me am like let the fire burn
    Punches came through and I had to take a turn
    But when I took the turn my life hit the edge
    Is hard to bounce back when you smash with a sledge
    Love to all the friends who was all around the edge
    I was kicked out of school when all I need was school
    Make me reminisce if what I did was cool
    I was just a young boy who was acting like fool
    Life was so lawless knew nothing about the rules
    My life in a Can they tryna make the juice
    I was left to the street and I felt all the heat
    Beehive street wise I made all the hit
    I did get my grind back I bounce on my feat
    Got my ass in a collage made that High Diploma
    The sticky situation I left em on the corner
    I turn a better man working with a plan
    Extend my love to Ann am still her biggest fan

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