The jos based gospel Rapper and the C.E.O of MAD HOUSE RECORD DJGREAL REAL is in a relationship finally.

Following the breakup with a lady he was dating last year May 2016, the rapper  said he never thought he could find another person to love. But God did it in his own way and sent him an angel.

The rapper DJGREAL REAL is in relationship with the jos based gospel singer, who hails from JINGIRI in plateau state PATIENCE ALANGA, someone he describe as angel. And they love each other very much.

Ain't this just amazing? A rapper and a singer using their talents to glorify God and to also the Preach the Gospel through the art. Wow, am just imagining how great they gonna be.

 They started dating one month ago on a low key and they have started making plans for the future together, to end the dating as husband and wife

The rapper said 
"I have decided to let God run the relationship for me, because no knowledge about love is complete without God in it"

Still on still, tomorrow is her birthday,  don't forget to wish her happy birthday. 

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