Once Upon a time, there was a lazy wolf living in the jungle, near his house was a pond. Many animals  came to the pond to drink water while the wolf was always in search of food.

One day, he was sitting near the pond hoping to get something to eat, when  suddenly he spotted a dead bull. ''Yaaaaa !! Today is a good day, now i can eat all i want,'' he thought and his mouth started watering.

he began to eat the dead bull. A thought struck him, ''if another beast comes this way he will ask for a share. i had better eat fast or else....... '' 'Grub!! Grub!! Grub!! Grub!! Grub!!' he chewed, faster and faster and faster.

In his haste to finish the meat, a piece of bone got stuck in his throat '' Ahhhh!!! Ohh!! Errk!!'' cried the hungry wolf. He tried to bring it out of his mouth, he tried to cough it out but nothing  happened, the piece of bone is still in there in his throat. next he tried to swallow it down but he failed.

 ''Ahhh!! the bone hurts bad, what shall i do now'' thought the wolf. suddenly he remembered that a crane lived on the nearby riverbank.

The wolf went to the crane and pleaded, My dear friend crane, i have got a bone stuck in my throat, i will give you a present if you help pull it out of my throat with your long beak.

The crane took pity on the wolf, the crane asked the wolf to look up with his mouth wide open. the crane put its head into the wolf's mouth and pull the bone.

''Oh what a relief'' the wolf sighed.

''now where is my present?'' asked the crane.

''What present?'' the wolf replied, pretending not to have made any promise.

''You said that you would give me a present if i remove the bone from your throat,'' said the crane.

''Haaah!!! is it not a present that you put your head in my mouth and got out in one piece? i could have easily crushed your head while your beak was inside my mouth'' said the wolf and went away.

The Crane felt helpless and betrayed and he decided not to help any ungrateful creature in the future

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