STORY:: the curse of the bullock

Long time ago, in a small village lived an old woman with her daughter. while the old woman was hard working, her daughter was lazy and selfish.

They had a bullock. ''We should take proper care of our bullock.' 'The old woman would say. ''Hah! Animals should serve us, not we serve them.'' the daughter would reply.

There was a pond, at some distance from the old woman's house. Every afternoon, she used to take the bullock to the pond to have a bath and to drink water. meanwhile the lazy daughter would eat and sleep.

One day, the old woman fell ill. she requested her daughter to take the bullock to the pond. ''it is very hot today, dear! the bullock must be thirsty,'' said the old woman. look! i have some sweets here. i know you love sweets, dear. take the bullock to drink, while he is drinking water, you can eat these sweets'' the old woman added handing a box  of sweets to her daughter. the greedy girl agreed.

But as soon as  she was out of her mothers sight the lazy girl tied the bullock to a tree and sat down to eat the sweets. the thirsty bullock waited for the daughter to finish eating her sweets. '' i hope she eats fast, i am really thirsty'' though the bullock. But after having eaten all the sweets, the daughter returned home and lied to her mother that she had taken the bullock to the pond and the bullock drank water from the pond.

the bullock was extremely angry that he cursed the daughter, '' in your next birth, you may be born as a Chetak a bird that drinks water when it only rains. as you kept me thirsty today, so will you remain thirsty''.

the curse of the bullock came through. in her next birth, the daughter was born a chetak, it is said that a chetak is a bird that waits for rain, remaining thirsty throughout the year. despite having water all around.

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