Once upon a time, there lived two pigeons. they were husband and wife. they spend their day looking for food. in the evening they would come and rest on their favorite tree in the forest.

One evening, the wife returned home early. As usual she was waiting for her husband to welcome her, when suddenly it started raining. she got worried and began to speak to her self  ''Where are you my dear?, you have never been this late outside'', she kept whispering to her self.

Just then she saw bird catcher coming towards her, in a cage he had a pigeon and it was her husband.
''OH no, what shall i do now'' i wish i can help my husband, she said. she desperately tried to distract the bird catcher by flapping her wings, but all in vain.

Soon, the rain stopped falling.''Brrrrrrrr!! it is so cold out here'' the bird catcher said. His clothes were wet. he decided to sit under the same tree where the two pigeons lived.

the poor wife sat by her husband cage and she started to cry, the husband said  ''Do not feel sad dear. We now have a guest. this man is shivering and hungry. he needs your help, hearing this, the wife flew around to gather dry twigs, she made fire for the bird catcher and then she looked at the bird catcher and said ''You are my guest now, since i have no food to offer you, i will jump into the fire, in few minutes i will become an edible item for you so you can eat me''.

By now, the bird catcher was overwhelmed by the hospitality of the humble pigeon couple. He at once stopped the wife from jumping into the fire.

He opened the cage and set the husband free '' i have been cruel and selfish, i will never trap any bird in my net again '' said the bird catcher and went his way.

the two birds were happy and reunited


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