Download Viper X - TIED&LOOSE(prod. by Cman)

The song 'Tied and Loose' talks about VIPER X true life experience from a past relationship,the idea got him after the whole scenario and he felt like writing a song about it.

the funny truth is that most people don't realise the fact that he always sing about his true life experience, 95% percent of his songs are personal. 'Tied and Loose' also included, it was a bitter sweet experience that made the whole relationship situation inconsistent although he was ready to give his all but it was not the same on the other hand,is hard for you to keep a relationship when is unbalance, today we are cool (Tied) and the next we are something else (Loose).

it's been a year since the last time he release any song 'EvE' although we released the lyrics video but it feels like it's been a life time,am just glad that we are dropping this project. God it feels great.

he would like to thank my management team Mr Andrew and Mr Hameed,my Publicity Team Sujazz, Michael fitto,Elkamcy sp,Jammimah,Jamal Kirfi,Maleek,Gee Umar,Emmy Design.


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