GIST: N6 served his new enemy MI in new post as beef lingers

N6 seems not to be done with MI as it can be seen from his latest  instagram post.

This time around he didn't call MI out by name but but he does is to wait for others to call his fellow rapper out and then he reposts it with a cruel caption.

After series of tweets from "Aircrazy" pulled MI out and called him and "agbaya" without " common sense and height", N6 added a caption with hashtags that are so brutal and cruel.

It all started from a tweet N6 made "Eminem wins best hip-hop Artist at the MTV EMA2017. After 20 years, Em still here winning and MI is out here shouting about retirement.

And the undisputed rapper MI "both M's will be fine.  Let's see. What do you do sir

See tweet below

N6 replies. 

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