Gist: Woman found half dead in gwallameji, Virgin Mary Lodge

A Day before yesterday, a woman was found laying in her room by those hausa girls hawking tomatoes in virgin Mary lodge in gwallameji. Bauchi state.

They girls as usual knocked on her door several times and its unusual of her not open the door, so one of the girls peeped through her window and she saw her laying on the bed, eyes opened but could not utter a word.

They people who saw her said her body looks as though someone poured her acid, but they were not really sure.

The girl hawking told the people staying in the compound, and she was taken to the hospital where she gave up the ghost.

Mrs. Keziah was popular woman In gwallameji, she hawks okrika in the area and also do some farming in front of virgin mary. May her soul rest in peace

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