This is the story of ABEL UGADA who is also known as the AFRICAN ACTOR and his wife in the person of OMOLARA ABEL.

They met 2015 at the OVERCOMERS CHURCH, FEDERAL POLYTECHNIC BAUCHI. where he was the DRAMA DIRECTOR. he called for a meeting after church service to meet with his drama unit. It was there he saw her not knowing she was a member, though she was on break. And so He asked her to introduce herself, which she did.

One thing he observed and love about was how she was different from other members and her sense of respect, keeping to meeting for meetings, her zeal to learn and how patience she was in the unit even when she wasn't given any role to play.

As time goes by, he, Abel Ugada invited her to come and join his acting group called "STAND B" which she did.

He told her about the MOTIVE movie, and she accepted to be part of the crew and in the process of the shooting, they faced a financial challenge, she was the only person that stood by him when everyone turned their back on him. And with her help and few others, the movie came out a success.

After some time of hanging out with her, he saw that she was good so he decided to sign her as an artist, he wrote the first movie she was featured in.  He wrote her first song and then he began training her and in the process of all this they became good friends and remained friends until the day she asked about his relationship status, he opened up to her, told her and she confided in him Not until early 2017. They were just close friends who had feelings for each other.

She joined AGN, CREATIVE MIND ACADEMIC and she later came to work at his saloon. As the sharp guy that he is, without wasting much time  he asked her out and they started dating and to further prove that he was really into her, he proposed and she accepted and he took her to the alter to finalize that part and start a life together.

This is the kind of love story we all should aimed at. This is the kind of partner we should pray for. 

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