I cannot wait to make money. Loads of it. So I can call Mr Hillary and lie to him. I will tell him we are cool now and can become friends.

I will then call him up again after 5days and invite him to my party.
When he shows up, I am going to personally welcome him warmly. Then have someone serve him chill water in a fancy glass cup like the type they use up there in Chinese restaurant. But that's where it stops!
 No food for him. They will serve everyone else food, more than once. Even the person sitting right next to Mr Hillary.  But not him.
And he can't just stand up and leave, because the bouncers won't let him. For it is my party after all, and once you come in, you don’t leave until it is over.

   So, Mr Hillary will just sit there and be enjoying the sweet torture of the aroma of food he will never taste

To Be Continued.

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