I accepted this rule with no arguments.
Although, most nights, I would stay awake on my bed wondering how I was going to survive a full year, in a strange land, without the privilege of always bringing women into my room. Like sometimes, twice or thrice a day. To show them my wonderful collection of art(And if you were thinking "to have sex", I can assure you we are still saying the same thing).

Brethren, it was a really strange and sad period for me.

As an outgoing and very social guy, I was always having prospects of landing at least 9 female visits to me room every week. But I couldn't risk breaking the ultimate rule and getting evicted. I couldn't risk going to search for a new apartment just like that, which by the way, I can assure you will not be as cheap as my current apartment.
So I stayed my gun every time the prospects came in.

I had been sworn to compulsory celibacy. But the "konji" was becoming overwhelming.  My body was rebelling against me. My will power tried to keep them all under control but my "little Johnny" had had enough.

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