"Enough is enough", I woke up one Friday morning to a hear a tiny voice in my head say.
It was the voice of evil Johnny. I recognize it all too well. I had heard it before.

  Like that time I was 12 and I was passing by the kitchen one hot Sunday afternoon and the voice said to me "enough is enough, that smell of fried fish is not just a figment of thine imagination, oh great and mighty Nero! The fried fish really does live within the confines of that pot you are gazing at. I now urge thee to go and get one or two of it and be deeply satisfied".

Well, brethren, I obeyed this voice.  But let us not talk about what my mum did to me that afternoon, after she caught me red-handed. Or what she did to my face for the following 21days, every time she remembered what I did. Or that time I was 22 and I was sitting in one of those lectures that make you wonder if school is really that important or necessary. You know, those ones that make dropping out begin to take a really sexy shape in your head.

Well, there I was, hearing the lecturer mister blab away. I was neither listening nor understanding anything. And just then I heard the little voice say "enough is enough Nero! This class hast no use whatsoever, thou hast been here 2 straight hours and thou hast not attained none. Now, if thou leavest this class right now, thou canst still make it to Jennifer's birthday party, where there is abundance of women and liquor".

Men and brethren, again, I listened to this voice and it was only by the good grace of the good Lord that I managed to pass that course, after I rewrote it 3times. Apparently, me leaving that class had infuriated the lecturer mister so much that he had taken note and hold of my full name and matriculation number.


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